Dark Side Intelligence™

Umbra Data is committed to preserving the integrity of the Internet and your network by providing the most comprehensive, actionable Command and Control (C&C) intelligence.

Security specialists gather and verify all sources of C&C information and compile it with Umbra Data’s internal “dark” data to provide your organization with Dark Side Intelligence, the most comprehensive solution to stop malware in its tracks. This solution is an instantaneous C&C data feed service that is integrated into your existing edge security devices. It easily identifies compromised computers, disrupts communications and instructions from C&C servers, and prevents further infection.

Threat Intelligence & Unique Accuracy

Umbra Data’s Dark Side Intelligence is the solution to the security deficiencies that organizations are experiencing. With malware constantly evolving and botnets relentlessly resurfacing, existing security solutions tend to be either temporary or incomplete. Umbra Data’s compilation of C&C threat data is continuously updated and vetted, and always expanding. This well developed data gives your organization a complete overview of its network’s botnet vulnerabilities and how to best address them.

In addition to having unique and valuable intelligence, Umbra Data has a 27-step vetting process, called the Umbra Data Validation Engine (UDVE), to ensure the accuracy of our database. All the information is run through the UDVE and each host is assigned with a reputation score depending on the level of threat severity. Umbra Data provides you with an accurate, SLA-backed data set of C&C threat intelligence that you can integrate seamlessly into your security system and use to confidently block malicious traffic.

Threat Classification System

Once the data has been compiled and then vetted through a 27-step process, its threat severity is determined by the Umbra Data Validation Engine (UDVE) and it is classified as either Block, Alert, or Monitor. This classification is what gives the data its turnkey quality that makes it simple for customers to control their security policies and disrupt unwanted traffic.

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