Umbra Data Partners With Fidelis Security Systems

We’re pleased to join Fidelis Security Systems in announcing that they are leveraging our Dark Side Intelligence™ in their latest offerings. Bottom line: Fidelis is teaming up with us to help their customer base detect and disrupt communications with botnet command and control (C&C) systems.

This is one of several cases where Umbra Data can help network security vendors bolster their solutions’ security smarts and ultimately the level of proactive protection they can offer their customers. As Mark Nicolett of Gartner put it, “Everything changes if there is threat intelligence that indicates that the destination is associated with botnet control.”

Grey is the New Black

With the dangers found on the Internet today, people are attracted to the concept of blacklisting. They want to unconditionally reject malicious software but on the other hand, don’t want their resources limited as a result.  Herein lies the importance of the greylist.  It’s the future of the network security industry.

New and Improved Global Botnet Map

Two weeks ago, we launched our interactive map of botnet activity.  Quite a few of you took a look and some of you suggested ways that we could make the map easier to understand.  We took your suggestions to heart and today it gives me great pleasure to roll out Version 2.  Please take a look and let us know what you think.

- Paul -

Marc Evans becomes CTO of Umbra Data

Milpitas, CA: Umbra Data brings together two of the nation’s leaders in the Internet Security marketplace with the addition of Marc Evans as Chief Technology Officer, who joins Paul Moriarty, Umbra’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Evans will champion the technological deployment of Umbra’s products and services. Most recently, he served as Senior Software Architect for Trend Micro. He was responsible for architecting and developing multiple botnet related products, as well as serving as an “at-large” architect influencing all Trend products. Mr. Evans has over 15 years experience providing technical expertise for Internet routing and security.