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C&C activity by country

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Count of C&Cs

C&C activity by region:

Global . Europe . Middle East . Asia . Oceania . Africa . S America . N America
How to Activate Map Details
Click on a country to bring up a detail window.

Here we show the count of C&C listings and ASNs with C&C for the selected country.

The network name, C&C count per network and average days listed is shown for the highest count networks.

Hover the mouse over a country to get a quick name of country and count of Umbra Data vetted C&C.

Green countries: zero vetted C&C

Purple countries: 1 to 99 vetted C&C

Maroon countries: 100 to 299 vetted C&C

Yellow countries: 300 to 699 vetted C&C

Orange countries: 700 to 1500 vetted C&C

Red countries: over 1,501 vetted C&C

Zoom in from the world map to regions by clicking the continent links below the map.

Hover the mouse over abbreviated network names in the detail window to reveal the ASN and full network name.






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