Umbra Data Partners With Fidelis Security Systems

We’re pleased to join Fidelis Security Systems in announcing that they are leveraging our Dark Side Intelligence™ in their latest offerings. Bottom line: Fidelis is teaming up with us to help their customer base detect and disrupt communications with botnet command and control (C&C) systems.

This is one of several cases where Umbra Data can help network security vendors bolster their solutions’ security smarts and ultimately the level of proactive protection they can offer their customers. As Mark Nicolett of Gartner put it, “Everything changes if there is threat intelligence that indicates that the destination is associated with botnet control.”

Umbra Data will continue to join forces with technology partners such as Fidelis Security Systems. After all, it’s our belief that enterprises should not be asked to manage yet another dedicated security product to protect themselves from today’s botnet threats. Instead, organizations should expect their existing vendors to seek out the industry’s most cutting edge threat intelligence services, such as Dark Side Intelligence, and reap the benefits of a well-integrated solution. Fidelis CEO Peter George notes that by using our best-of-breed anti-botnet threat intelligence, “Fidelis XPS strengthens its position as an invaluable tool in an organization’s cyber security workbench, protecting their most sensitive and classified information from exfiltration and attack.” That’s the “better together” message we believe resonates with enterprise IT teams today more than ever.

- Paul -

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