Can TV Land get the Botnet Thing Right?

Just a prediction for those of you who watch Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland) do his thing on the hit TV show 24. Last season, Jack had to recover a stolen CIP device and save the country from critical infrastructure meltdown and multiple nefarious extortion attempts. Now you and I know that CIP is not a device, but protocol requirements for securing the various key infrastructure components in the United States.

So, this year, I predict, will be the year of the botnet for the new 24 season. Note, I have not read any insider scoop or talked to industry friends, I simply think that botnets are a hot topic and fit well in the terrorist/world-gone-mad flavor of the show. The big question is; can the writers, directors, and actors pull it off? How does one visualize and characterize some malicious code infecting a really big boatload of computers and some Ruskrainian overlord working the dials of the C&C server through his tech department. I hope I am right and I hope they get it right!

Zombies, drones, botnets and C&C masters certainly having an entertaining ring, but have you ever seen it done well? I am seriously trying to identify Hollywood getting it right, so if you have movie suggestions or otherwise…bring it on.


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  • Lucky

    With the amount of attacks from Asia on US web sites/systems–it will not be long before you hear our Gov talking increasingly about botnets–the real question is which news Agency will be the first to launch “Botnet Watch 2010!” — with four pontiffs on a split screen debating on policy and funding.

  • admin

    No doubt there have been many examples of governments being depicted as the bad guys doing malicious network based activities, and of course, 24/Bauer is about anti-terrorism efforts so it typically includes a nation-state component. But what I am truly interested in is big screen or small screen examples of private/illegal botnet activity for personal gain.

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