The Next Winning Number is...

The RSA Conference $100 Amazon Gift Card winning number is ID #153. If you have the ID# 153 Umbra Data bookmark you must claim your prize within 5 business days or we will randomly select another winner.

Don’t worry if you did not win this time, keep checking back because another winning bookmark number will be selected after the MIT Spam Conference later this month. For the record, you do not need a fresh bookmark because every number is still eligible except previous winners!

To claim your prize you need to send us a confirmation that you are the winner and you have the bookmark. After you submit a confirmation we will get back to you via email and request that you provide proof that you are still in possession of the winning bookmark, for example, a digital photo with you holding the bookmark, a scan of the bookmark with that day’s newspaper or even a co-worker can call and vouch for you.


Random Number Generator #153

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