In a world where the student culture is consumed with Facebook, adult content, and downloading music, educational institutions are faced with quite a challenge protecting their networks from infection. Students are going to access questionable material and social networking sites regardless of the inevitably for infection. Umbra Data offers a solution that enables you to dramatically cut the botnet activity of the millions of infected hosts within your network by pulling the plug on a few thousand C&C hosts worldwide. Given that at least 10% of all PCs suffer from a serious malware infection, a quick centralized solution holds excellent cost saving potential.

Institutions are experiencing difficulty protecting their network from data leaks, social networking viruses, DDoS attacks, etc… Universities have an obligation to take advantage of the Internet and the idea-sharing technology that has become the focus of educational tools and to provide students a safe online community to participate in. Umbra Data’s SLA backed solution equips organizations with a low maintenance network defense that easily integrates into your existing security system with no additional hardware. Umbra Data’s Dark Side Intelligence cripples the botmaster’s power immediately across your entire network in one swoop.

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