Government Agency Solutions

Government agencies are the regular targets of data leakage, DDoS attacks, extortion, and cyber terrorism. Security needs to be forward thinking, dependable, and easy to integrate into a variety of systems. Umbra Data’s solution addresses botnets at their source by neutralizing the infection and disrupting the communication and data transfer to the Command and Control (C&C), rendering it harmless without end user involvement. A team of security specialists aggregates the information from a variety of internal and external sources and offers an extensively vetted set of unique data.

Dark Side Intelligence on C&C servers enables you to dramatically cut the botnet activity of the millions of infected hosts within your network by pulling the plug on a few thousand botmaster hosts worldwide. Given that at least 10% of all PCs suffer from a serious malware infection, and current solutons are less than 50% effective, a quick centralized solution holds excellent cost saving potential. It incorporates C&C host IP addresses, ports, geographic location, and other analytical information that allows you to block malicious activity from your network.

Government agencies provide a variety of services from controlling infrastructure systems to delivering information, which could be devastating to citizens’ security when breached. It is necessary to have a proactive defense to mitigate collateral damage and the loss of intellectual property and citizens’ personally identifiable information. Umbra Data’s Dark Side Intelligence cripples the botmaster’s power immediately across your entire network in one swoop.