Service Provider Solutions

Cybercriminals are relentlessly using botnets to send out spam, DDoS attacks, etc. jeopardizing customer’s personally identifiable information and your network’s quality and brand’s reputation. Umbra Data offers a set of data surrounding Command and Control (C&C) server activities that categorize host C&C IP addresses according to their severity as Block, Alert, or Monitor. Using this information, Dark Side Intelligence pinpoints existing infections, remediates them, disrupts C&C communication, and prevents further attacks and data loss.

Dark Side Intelligence is a continuously vetted, unique set of data that enables service providers to protect end users while allowing them to freely surf the Internet and stay online during the remediation process, uninterrupted and unaware. Umbra Data currently has the greatest volume of C&C data, gathered from confidential internal sources and a variety of external sources.

The database has actionable intelligence that gives service providers the power to control their policy decisions and repairs infections by disrupting C&C communication without end user involvement. Umbra Data’s service rids your network of infections, integrates seamlessly into your existing security structure, and has minimal maintenance.

How does Umbra Data develop its industry-leading Dark Side Intelligence?

  • Collecting “dark” data from a number of proprietary sources
  • Aggregating external C&C activity community data
  • Verify all data using a 27-step vetting process
  • Assign a severity score to each C&C host address
  • Classify as either Block, Alert, or Monitor
  • Apply yourdesired security policy
  • Disrupt communication to the C&Cs, rendering harmless