New Whitepaper: Dark Side Intelligence

Over the past several years, a new type of threat has emerged on the Internet – the botnet.  Using command and control servers deployed in the dark corners of cyberspace, criminal enterprises have evolved into serious threats to businesses and consumers alike.  These threats have emerged despite the ubiquitous presence of traditional antivirus and endpoint security products.  These products have proven an ineffective defense against botnets and have yet to adapt to the changing threat landscape.

Several new approaches have emerged to combat this threat.  Each has contributed to the fight, but until now no one solution has emerged with enough promise to warrant wide scale deployment.  Dark Side Intelligence is a security service that combines Umbra Data’s unique malware intelligence, the best of the security community’s research, and a thorough vetting process that results in an actionable inventory of botnet C&C servers.  This paper explains how once deployed into your existing infrastructure at any variety of places (network routers, firewalls, etc), Dark Side Intelligence disrupts communication between the cybercriminal and their bots and renders the infection harmless.

To download Umbra Data’s whitepaper on Dark Side Intelligence click here.

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