As enterprises increasingly become the victims of cybercrimes, it is necessary to prepare for the inevitable attack before it strikes. Umbra Data offers a proactive security solution that approaches the infection in a non-intrusive way— enabling employees and their PCs to continue working online and maintain productivity.

The growing botnet pandemic has required organizations to respond to their security at three levels: the desktop, the perimeter, and the cloud. End point security, the most common protection method used today, detects less than 50% of all malware. Umbra Data’s cloud-based solution directly addresses the missing 50%. It improves your network’s defense by mitigating existing infections, preventing new ones, and allowing end users to continue working while Dark Side Intelligence disrupts communication with the C&C and renders it harmless.

Enterprises currently deal with botnets using ineffective solutions and a highly paid IT staff who spend hours repairing compromised PCs. Dark Side Intelligence not only cures your networks’ infections, but also saves you the cost of treating the problem once it has already caused collateral damage such as data loss, extortion, or DDoS attacks.

Dark Side Intelligence is a data feed service that identifies your organization’s infections, remedies them, and prevents further attacks. This constantly vetted intelligence allows customers and employees to confidently use the network while securing all their sensitive information. This SLA-backed service integrates seamlessly into an enterprise of any magnitude, is easy to deploy, and effortless to maintain. Let Umbra Data protect your enterprise from malware.