If a picture is worth a thousand words...

…how much is an interactive picture worth?

Umbra Data™ is pleased to offer more of our Dark Side Intelligence™ to you with an interactive world map containing active C&C’s being tracked by us. The map provides a snapshot of botnet activity worldwide along with the respective number of vetted C&C’s per country.  Simply click on one of the country flags to open a window that includes a high-level review of the top ASN’s with C&C’s, and how long the C&C’s have been active. You can also drill down by the continents listed at the top of the page to get a clearer view of individual countries.

While the presented information is a subset of Umbra Data’s C&C tracking information, we hope it presents you with a view that is both dynamic and insightful. Please give us feedback about the information presented on the map.  We also welcome any insight you might have regarding the dynamic nature of C&C activity for you locally and globally.


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