A Call to Action: ISPs and Botnets

This paper is a call to action to service providers to step up and take the reins of the botnet threat pandemic.  Too much time has passed, too much damage has been done, yet the threats continue to escalate in severity.  Service providers are the best positioned to combat the threat, have a moral obligation to do so, and have significant financial incentives to defend their customers.

End users are scrambling to protect their bank accounts, businesses, and identities and are throwing money at security solutions that are less than 50% effective.  Average users do not have the resources or expertise to defend themselves adequately.  It is time for cyberspace to stop being the Wild Wild West, and start being a well-monitored neighborhood.  And this paper explains that no one is better positioned to protect the Internet community than the service providers.

To download Umbra Data’s whitepaper on ISPs and botnets click here.

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